Wednesday, November 30, 2011

cards sold as singles (not sets)

inspired by fun laura

inspired by my dad

inspired by my mom

inspired by my sister-in-law

the red scarf project

i wanted to do this last year.
i'd like to say i didn't have the time.
the truth is, i didn't make the time.
this year, it was my priority and i sent in the scarf i knitted for the red scarf project. before the deadline, even.
if you're interested, go here for more information:

do something nice for someone.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

street light inspiration

i never know when and where inspiration will strike.

this time it was sitting in la traffic.

lokta kiwi envelopes with classic crest epic black liners

Monday, September 12, 2011

high-tech honey

red envelopes with classic crest epic black liners

brocade thank you

opalescent "leather" envelopes with brocade liners

with gratitude

cognac "crocodile" envelopes with plaid liniers

new peacock thank you

blue "leather" envelopes with peacock print liners

trippy garden

yellow "leather" envelopes with yuzen chartreuse liners

tribute to speed bump

bright yellow envelopes with sunshine on white liners

beep beep!

argyle thank you

persimmon envelopes with "argyle on gravel" liners

shiver me timbers!

black charcoal paper envelopes with skull 'n crossbones liners

3 little cupcakes

pink "leather" envelopes with cupcake liners

hot cocoa

classic crest cream envelopes with hot cocoa and candy cane liners

thank you - dots

shimmery cyan envelopes with glittery dots liners

around and around...

one of my very most favorite things...ferris wheels.

opalescent "alligator" envelopes with yuzen gold/curry circles liners, gold embossed wheel

Saturday, September 10, 2011


classic linen haviland blue envelopes with mitten liners