Tuesday, June 29, 2010

gone plum paisley

these cards were not made with anyone in mind.
not my normal m.o., but i was experimenting with metallic embossing powder and rhinestones.

they came out fine enough. i just don't know who to give them to.

the mullet of personalized stationery: in a good way

alexis is my friend.
she's a classy broad with a wicked sense of humor and a good grasp on reality.
she likes madmen, bloody marys, and salad bowls with fork hands.
she humors my lady gaga obsession & my life is better with her in it.

i wanted her cards to combine her professional and playful sides:
pinstripe liners and closure stickers, vertically set in an unpretentious font.

"business up front, party in the back." oh yeah.


wine tasting invite from a couple years ago.

Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm such a knerd!

these are gift tags i created for scarves i knitted for friends.
i knit. no purling or other fancy-schmancy stitches.
this is why i only make scarves.

what i lack in yarn skills, i try to make up for in creative gifting, hence the washing instructions.

corporate-y stuff part 1

these are some things i designed at my j-o-b.

save the date cards, invites, banners/signs, trade show booth, menus, presentations, name tags, etc.