Friday, November 26, 2010

peacock feather

craft paper envelopes with cognac "leather" liners

friendly snowman

sold individually

opalescent envelope with shimmery silver filigree pattern liner

red "alligator" envelope with lokta paisley liner

smooth grey envelope with silkscreened plaid liner

black "alligator" envelope

sparkles on candy swirl.

yellow "basketball leather" envelope with soft grey "leather" liner, sparkles

opalescent "alligator" envelope with butter yellow "leather" liner, sparkles

red "alligator" envelope with lokta dots liner, embossed bubbles

yellow "basketball leather" envelope, turqouise "leather" liner

"alligator" envelope, cork liner

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

wild life


sparkles on the lavender ring


"i can’t understand why you don’t get any mail from me. perhaps it’s because i haven’t been writing." groucho marx

smooth black envelopes with cognac "leather" liners.

rudolph 2010

three colors, each has sparkly red nose and "bell" embellishments.


for my bouncing ball of delicious orangeosity!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

announcing! daniel blake; the newest kuech

welcome, little shrimp. thanks for arriving early.
you may not remember the day we met, but i'll never forget!
my heart grew a size the instant i got my paws on you.

do you remember what i whispered in your ear? it's ok if you don't. i'll be reminding you regularly for the rest of time.

will you get a load of this little guy?!

holy amazeballz, i have handsome nephews!

Friday, November 12, 2010

thank you. no, thank you! (part 6)

inspired by hummingbirds that fight over the feeder hanging on my balcony.
here's to you, tiny and slim!

embossed bird, with silver bead eye.
grey/blue envelope with blue, "gator skin leather" liner.

popping by to say...

smooth tan envelopes with burgandy "velvet" liner


embossed paisley design with orange sparkle

postal, but in a sweet way

breakin' the rules: season's greetings

i've always done things differently. choosing holiday card colors is no exception.
show me the law stating they must be red, green blue and white and i'll show you my bridge for sale.

gumball greetings

mint green envelope with soft, grey "leather" liner.
marine green-blue envelope with butter yellow "leather" liner.
gumballs are little, teeny crystals.
i <3 these!